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1 Oct 14Independent Testing Results Indicate ProTech Reduces Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury

CHESTER SPRINGS, P.A., October 1, 2014

Defend Your Head, creators of the patented ProTech, officially released the results of a recent product testing initiative—and the findings are encouraging. The series of tests, which were conducted by a renowned independent laboratory, indicate that the ProTech not only works, but that a helmet used in combination with ProTech significantly reduces the risk of in-game traumatic brain injuries due to blunt force impact.

The tests measured two key metrics: Head Injury Criteria (HIC) and Peak Acceleration. All tests indicated statistically significant differences between a helmet with ProTech, and a helmet on its own.

Head Injury Criteria (HIC), originally developed to test seat belts and airbags in automobiles, is a safety standard that most ordinary helmets don’t come close to reaching. On average, the use of ProTech resulted in a 14 percent improvement in HIC.

The second metric that the independent testing measured is Peak Acceleration, or acceleration after a hit occurs. A helmet used with ProTech demonstrated an average 18 percent reduction in peak acceleration. This deceleration has a direct correlation to reduced risk in brain injuries, a fact which was test-proven by a Tier One University in the United States.

At roughly 3.8 million sports-related head injuries annually and the majority of those amongst our youth, the market is in dire need of a solution. As a soft shell helmet add-on with game play approval by the NAHS, ProTech could be just that. The product, made from a unique patented polyurethane material, is designed to form-fit the outer shell of any helmet and not only absorbs and dissipates energy, but also substantially reduces surface friction and the speed of impact.

“This product has been 27 years in the making,” said Frank Lytle, one of ProTech’s creators and Chairman of the Board at Defend Your Head. “It’s encouraging to see proof of what we’ve believed all along—that ProTech has the power to revolutionize head protection in the sport of football. The magnitude of the need for ProTech is significant, and we are hopeful that these test results will be a powerful impetus for adoption of the product.”

About Defend Your Head

Defend Your Head is a Pennsylvania based C-Corp that is revolutionizing the game of football with a simple soft shell helmet technology proven to reduce head injury due to blunt force trauma. The company’s patented helmet cover, ProTech, is made from a unique material shown to absorb and dissipate energy—and designed to form-fit the outer shell of any helmet. ProTech is light, streamlined and readily attachable—a helmet cover that is approved for game play. Motivated by a love of the game, Defend Your Head is driven to make football a safer sport for all who play.