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10 Sep 14Defend Your Head Articulates ProTech’s Value with Launch of New Product-Centric Website

CHESTER SPRINGS, P.A., September 10, 2014

Defend Your Head, creators of the patented ProTech, today launched a new responsive web presence focused on ProTech and its unique value as a soft shell helmet add-on. The new site will support Defend Your Head in actively communicating ProTech’s differentiated ability to reduce traumatic brain injuries due to blunt force trauma.

“ProTech is a revolutionary product for a ready market,” said John Roman, CEO, Defend Your Head. “The new site expresses the many points of value which make the ProTech so compelling, and will better support our exciting growth and go-to-market goals. The product has the power to transform head protection within the game of football, and the new site really does it justice.”

The newly launched web presence includes stunning product photography—the first time that the ProTech cover has been professionally photographed. The product’s unique helmet-conforming design is one of its key differentiators, making imagery of the cover all the more important. ProTech “stands out by fitting in” as the only soft shell helmet add-on on the market that visually conforms to the helmet on which it is placed. The new product photography reflects this conformity, which is the reason that ProTech has been approved for game play by the NFHS.

Also included in the new site are targeted content areas for parents, coaches, and leagues reps and dealers, key audiences in bringing ProTech to market and reducing TBIs in football, and a detailed section dedicated to communicating the technology behind the ProTech and the testing that proves its effectiveness.

Defend Your Head is a passionate innovator in the athletic head protection space. For that reason, the launch of the site also coincides with the launch of “The Playbook”, Defend Your Head’s thought leading forum where the company speaks at great depth about the issue of TBIs in football, particularly amongst young plays. This issue continues to be top-of-mind for the sport, as well as for Defend Your Head.

About Defend Your Head

Defend Your Head is a Pennsylvania based C-Corp that is revolutionizing the game of football with a simple soft shell helmet technology proven to reduce head injury due to blunt force trauma. The company’s patented helmet cover, ProTech, is made from a unique material shown to absorb and dissipate energy—and designed to form-fit the outer shell of any helmet. ProTech is light, streamlined and readily attachable—a helmet cover that is approved for game play. Motivated by a love of the game, Defend Your Head is driven to make football a safer sport for all who play.