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24 May 17College of The Holy Cross Football Sees Decreased Head Trauma for Student-Athletes Through Technology

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Defend Your Head ProTech polyurethane helmet technology makes student-athletes at Holy Cross safer

 Worcester, Mass. (May 31, 2017) – After seeing an increase in player safety, the College of the Holy Cross is continuing its relationship with Defend Your Head (DYH), a sports safety company based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, to use ProTech, a force reduction soft shell helmet technology product. Over the past two years, the College of the Holy Cross, as well as several other NCAA Division I football programs, have used ProTech, providing invaluable feedback that has allowed DYH to perfect its product.

Based on ProTech’s performance with the College of the Holy Cross, the athletic department has recommended its use amongst its Patriot League companions as a league-wide initiative to enhance player safety. Additionally, the College of The Holy Cross is able to leverage ProTech’s product performance with its current team as a recruiting tool when speaking with potential players and their families.

“Our players understand why we are using ProTech and it is allowing them to feel better and play better,” said Holy Cross Head Football Coach Tom Gilmore. “After using ProTech, we’ve seen a clear reduction in the incidences of concussions and many of our players have cited a decrease in dull headaches following practices. We want to help our student-athletes become the best they possibly can be.”

ProTech’s uniquely designed polyurethane technology reduces impact of head trauma through absorption and dissipation of forces wherever they occur on the helmet. Led by former Princeton University linebacker Glenn Tilley and former New York Jets offensive lineman John Roman, DYH’s ProTech helmet-conforming design is backed by years of research and extensive independent testing. Research supports the desired goal that the ProTech technology reduces the risk of head trauma due to blunt force trauma.

“We are thrilled to see that ProTech has made a clear impact on the safety and well-being for the College of the Holy Cross football team,” said Glenn Tilley, CEO of Defend Your Head. “Our highest priority is to ensure player safety and to extend a player’s longevity in the sport of football. Using ProTech is the ultimate preventative measure teams can make to reduce a player’s risk of head trauma, and we look forward to providing that reassurance for football programs of all ages and skill levels.”

The outer soft shell technology is currently in use by a number of other NCAA Division I football programs, as well as various high school and youth leagues throughout the country. Manufactured using a special polyurethane foam, DYH’s half-inch thick, easily attachable ProTech helmet cover is custom-designed for every player and is compatible with most major Riddell and Schutt helmet models.

Designed to be game day ready, ProTech’s seemingly undetectable shape is available in numerous colors and accepts custom decals to accommodate a team’s unique branding. Due to its ability to reduce helmet collision force and its aesthetically pleasing look, a growing number of teams are utilizing ProTech’s safety attributes in practices and games.

Watch the videos below to see how the Holy Cross Crusaders are benefiting from using ProTech.

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About Defend Your Head:

Defend Your Head (DYH) is revolutionizing the game of football with a simple soft shell helmet technology proven by independent testing to reduce head injury due to blunt force trauma. The company’s patented helmet cover, ProTech, is made from a unique material shown to absorb and dissipate energy – and designed to form-fit the outer shell of leading helmets on the market. ProTech is light, streamlined and readily attachable – the first helmet cover of its kind to be permitted for practice and game use. Motivated by a love of the game, Defend Your Head is driven to make football a safer sport for all who play.

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