The Testing

Proven to reduce head injury
due to blunt force impact.

technology helmet protection

Head Injury Criteria

Head Injury Criteria (HIC) measures the potential for head injury.

The HIC was developed for the automobile industry as it was assessing the use of seat belts, harnesses and air bags. The HIC standard for helmets is 250. Most helmets don’t come close to this measurement—they range well above 280 and many older helmets are in the 600 to 1000 range. When the ProTech cover is placed on a helmet, the HIC ranges in the 230 to 250 range + or – 10.

Peak Acceleration

Peak acceleration measures acceleration after a hit occurs.

If the acceleration is lowered, the probable occurrence of head and neck injury is lowered. The ProTech reduces acceleration by an average of 18%. This deceleration has a direct correlation to brain injuries, which was test-proven by a Tier One University in the United States.

This chart shows the % improvement in Peak Acceleration and Head Injury Criteria (HIC). The test was run first with no covers and then, with the addition of ProTech. Peak Acceleration decreased by 18% and Head Injury Criteria decreased by 14%. The independent lab stated that these differences were statistically significant.

testing results chart

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