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A simple observation, a game changing product.

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Defend Your Head’s revolutionary product is as simple as it is effective. The ProTech is a patented shell that is an “add-on” to new or existing helmets and utilizes specialized material to reduce the risk of injury due to blunt force trauma.

As with many of the best ideas, ProTech was born of a very basic observation—that when a soft object collides with a hard surface, a good portion of the energy generated is immediately diffused by the energy-absorbing characteristics of the soft object.

The phenomenon, even more pronounced when two soft objects collide, was diametrically opposed to the “conventional wisdom”—still existing today at most levels of contact activities—of hard helmet collisions, where, despite interior padding, virtually all of the collision energy is transferred inside the helmet cavity, raising the risk of injury.

Play the video above and listen as Dr. Richard Nelson talks about the issue of head injury, and the proven efficacy of ProCap, the predecessor of ProTech.


Energy Absorption

Energy Absorption & Dissipation

The ProTech’s specialized polyurethane foam that absorbs and dissipates the energy caused by a hit to the ProTech cover. The cover leverages minute movement technology, which means that upon impact, it moves slightly over the helmet beneath it, deflecting harmful impact away from the head. Through its unique material and minute movements, ProTech extends the time of impact to the cranium and reduces the risk of traumatic brain injury.

Reduced Speed of Hit

Reduced Speed of Hit

Because the ProTech’s specialized material is highly absorptive, ProTech acts like an airbag—it delays the timing of the impact just like an airbag delays the time of your body and head from hitting the dashboard when a crash occurs. This reduced speed of a hit lessens the impact endured by a player’s cranium.

Low Coefficient of Friction

Low Coefficient of Friction

ProTech has a low coefficient of friction (COF), which means it is very slippery. When compared to conventional helmets made with polycarbonate or ABS materials, the ProTech is slicker. This means that sideway or tangential blows to the ProTech will glance off quicker than a standard helmet without the cover. These glancing blows can be the most damaging type for head trauma.

Low Coefficient of Friction

Minute Movement Technology

ProTech leverages minute movement technology, which means that upon impact, the cover moves slightly over the helmet beneath it, deflecting harmful impacts away from the head.

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