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A headgear revolution in the making.

Defend Your Head is based in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Its predecessor, Protective Sports Entertainment, Inc. (PSE) was incorporated in 1986 to advance safe football helmet technology. After a period of research and development, and armed with superior soft shell helmet technology, DYH has cleared a critical stage of its formation to make all sports helmets safer.

Each day, there is another story regarding the short and long-term effects of head injury and other brain trauma. DYH’s own data states “the market for its soft shell technology spans over 270 million people worldwide across various sports such as football, biking, skiing, snow boarding, soccer, ice hockey, skate boarding, lacrosse and all contact sports.” DYH also believes there is a market in military, police and industrial helmet protection.

DHY is uniquely positioned with superior protective headgear technology, a seasoned successful sports and entertainment management team, and a favorable legislative environment predisposed to its protective cover offering – “soft helmet design.”

DYH Corporate Mission Statement

Utilizing our protective helmet cover (ProTech) with proprietary soft shell technology, DYH’s mission is to reduce head trauma for all contact sports, military and industrial applications. DYH would like all players to play safe, play right, play on!

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