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Reducing risk of sports-related traumatic brain injury is top-of-mind for the entire football industry. Learn more about how Defend Your Head is leading an enduring revolution in head protection through ProTech, the next generation evolution of the product formerly known as ProCap.

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24 Apr 17Legendary College Coaches talk about safety in football today.

Legendary SEC Coaches Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier talk about safety in football during the Maxwell Football Club Awards Broadcast this past March.

2 Apr 16Weekend Web: ProTech Football Helmet

“All of the studies are coming back saying that if you reduce the impact force, you reduce the level of head trauma and you have a safer player.” – John Roman, CEO of Defend Your Head

1 Mar 16Breakfast On Broad

“The biggest thing for us is that wherever this is impacted, the outside of the helmet will absorb and dissipate the impact.” – John Roman, CEO of Defend Your Head

18 Feb 16Helmet Covers for Youth Sports

“I think the exposure of it at this point is terrific. It is going to bring much more resource, dedicated neurologists, biomechanical engineers and other professionals, that will look at this problem and come up with solutions that can make the game safer.” – John Roman, CEO of Defend Your Head

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2 Sep 17 Elder football using Defend Your Head technology –

1 Sep 17 Interview – ProTech soft shell helmet technology works and our partnership with Elder High School in Ohio

31 Aug 17 Can technology save football? –

30 Aug 17 Ex-New York Jets Lineman Looks To Make Game Safer With Helmet


25 Oct 14Taking the Issue Head-On: 5 Things You Need to Know About Traumatic Brain Injury in Football

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Top of mind for football players, parents, helmet manufacturers, coaches and fans alike is the alarming reality of concussive and sub-concussive injury. All stakeholders are paying attention and the media has followed suit. From articles about early head trauma spurring the development of depression later in life, to information about inadequate helmet safety performance, to insights…

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10 Sep 14Where Racing and Football Meet: The Case For Soft-Shell Technology from One of Racing’s Most Acclaimed Engineers

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According to renowned author James Webb Young, “an idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements.” Young continues on, saying “the capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships.” This adage has much to offer the sport of football today. Is it…

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