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13 Jan 17Forget Tylenol. Try ProTech!

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With all the new information about football and head injuries, very little has been written (or discussed) about one of the most dreaded effects of this most explosive contact sport: headaches. Football related headaches are often so severe it leads to pain and nausea that reduces function on and off the field. While today’s head protection technology may not eliminate concussions, Defend Your Head can say with confidence that it’s ProTech lessens the risk of concussion through its force reduction technology. Now, there is exciting direct feedback from our coaches and players that using the ProTech has dramatically reduced football related headaches and its associated effects. DYH Executive Chairman Glenn Tilley states “We have received consistent feedback from players in high school and college that they experience fewer headaches and less head pain when wearing ProTech. As a result, they felt noticeably better and were able to better focus on the field, and off with their schoolwork and study requirements.” At Western Carolina University, the Catamounts have been wearing the ProTech device for three full seasons. Coach Mark Speir is very direct with his conviction that ProTech is making a big difference.

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