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The simple, soft shell technology for helmets that reduces head injury so you can play on.*

How It Works

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Introducing ProCap

Light, streamlined and readily attachable, ProCap™ is a revolutionary patented soft shell solution proven to absorb and dissipate energy for the reduction of brain injury due to blunt force trauma. Just simply place and secure ProCap™ over your existing helmet and put its game changing technology to work. Don’t let head injury disrupt your game.

Has John Lost His Mind?

“We are making an immediate improvement to football with the ProCap™. As a former NFL player, nothing makes me happier.

-John Roman
CEO and Former NFL Lineman

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There are 3.8 million sports-related head injuries annually.


Research estimates an additional 30% go unreported.


Youth ER visits for traumatic brain injury increased 62% over the past decade.

Game changing technology.

Absorbs and dissipates energy:

  • Soft polyurethane foam absorbs and dissipates energy from blunt force impact.
  • Unique minute movement technology deflects harmful hits and guides energy away from the cranium.


Reduces speed of impact:

  • Specially formulated, high-absorption material slows down impact to the head from the time of the hit.


Low coefficient of friction: 

  • Slippery surface deflects glancing blows, which are among the most damaging causes of head trauma.
  • Small, microscopic dimples on the cover effectively reduce surface area by up to 50 percent.
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in Acceleration


in Head Injury Criteria

Industry proven, athlete approved.

Aesthetically pleasing, with a streamlined design that conforms with modern helmets.

Compatible with most major Riddell and Schutt helmet models–simply place over your existing helmet and secure.

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Game ready, available in 7 colors and accepts custom decals to accommodate your team’s unique look.

Built to endure repeated game play, ProCap™ is highly resilient, antimicrobial and easy to clean.

Defend Your Head
and Play On!

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